57DR-X 2122

Limited Edition featuring trendy Low Visibility Coloring.

57DR-X combines the six-spoke design of RAYS sports wheels with a hardy and dynamic off-road image. Up to this point, this model only offered the gramLIGHTS standard “Super Dark Gunmetal” color, but the 2122 Limited Edition “Arms Gray” is now available exclusively for JIMNY owners. “Low visibility” colors have been gaining wide popularity in recent years, being frequently used as official body colors for sports cars, with JIMNY/JIMNY SIERRA offering a Medium Gray color as well. This new color wheel is our timely response to this trend, and enables you to enjoy stylish combinations with various JIMNY body colors. It also includes a special fluorescent yellow sticker to add a striking accent (with a high visibility color), to spice up a low visibility color scheme.

  • Method:Cast 1pc. Wheel
  • RAYS original test:JWL+R spec 1 (5H Model)
    JWL&JWL-T Standards (6H Model)
  • Color:Arms Gray (AG)
  • Included:Air Valve, Limited Sticker


Arms Gray (AG) (16×6 1/2J)

Arms Gray (AG) (18x9J)

Arms Gray (AG) (16×5 1/2J)

Size Chart

16 5 1/2J 20 5 139.7 φ32-φ15 φ108.8


  • ※Can fit OEM Jimny center cap (rear only)
  • ※Cannot fit optional center caps.


16 6 1/2J 38 6 139.7 φ32-φ15 φ112
18 8J 36 6 139.7 φ32-φ15 φ112
9J 20 6 139.7 φ32-φ15 φ112


Arms Gray

A solid gray color that has been recently trending between sports cars and European car models. This low visibility color, which was originally used for military aircraft, is the focus of this limited edition model on this occasion. “Arms Gray” was specially formulated to have excellent chemistry with JIMNY, which has the great outdoors as its home ground. It matches perfectly with low visibility body colors such as Medium Gray and Jungle Green, while also playing off colors like the bright Kinetic Yellow.

A luminous sticker complementing its low visibility color

The product includes a luminous yellow sticker complementing its low visibility color which creates an exquisite color balance when adhered to the rim, while also complementing the subdued hue of Arms Gray. It is an extra feature only found in this limited edition that goes perfectly with the official JIMNY color Kinetic Yellow as well.

※Luminous colors are susceptible to degradation by ultraviolet light. Depending on storage conditions (after install/display) fading and/or discoloring may be occur from exposure.
Please be aware that RAYS cannot be held responsible for the fading or discoloration of luminous coatings.

Optional Center Cap (6H model only)

  1. RAYS LPS Cap(Chrome BL)
    (Part number: 86)
    ※Hub Clearance 44mm
  2. RAYS LPS Center Cap(BK RD)
    (Part number: 85)
    ※Hub Clearance 44mm
  3. RAYS LPS Center Cap(BR RD)
    (Part number: 84)
    ※Hub Clearance 44mm
  4. RAYS LPS Cap(BK BK)
    (Part number: 89)
    ※Hub Clearance 44mm
    *Overseas only.