The first model of the new A・LAP

The updated brand name “A・LAP” is consisted of letters defined “as light as possible” as its concept.
The first model of A・LAP is “A・LAP 07X”.
The 7 point crossed mesh composed by straight lines inherit the design of “A・LAP-J ” which is exclusive model for Jimny, while designed for large vehicles like the land cruiser Prado and Hiace.
Carefully selected is its contents of rim width, rim depth, and layout bringing forth its strength and lightweight.
This model prepares different rim depths and faces for each rim width and offset accordingly.
In addition, the 18inch forged wheel application for the Jimny/Jimny Sierra is first of its kind in the whole industry.
Generally, lightweight brings more advantages and merit for the 4WD’s and Hiace which often uses off road tires and van tires instead of passenger cars.
The new “A・LAP” with “A・LAP 07X” starts as a brand focusing “lightweight” from the forging method.

  • Method:Forged 1pc. Wheel (Reverse Rim)
  • RAYS original test:5H-139.7 JWL+R spec 2
    6H-139.7 JWL&JWL-T standards
  • Color:Black/Rim DC (BD)、Bronze(BR)
  • Included:ET1 Air Valve BK


Black / Rim (BD) 18x9 6-139.7 FACE-0 L Rim

Black / Rim (BD) 18x8.5 5-139.7 FACE-2 LL Rim

Bronze (BR) 18x9.0 6-139.7 FACE-2 LL Rim

Bronze (BR) 18x7 5-139.7 FACE-1 S Rim

Size Chart

18 7J S FACE-1 8 5 139.7 φ29-φ15 φ108.8
S FACE-2 -2
8J S FACE-0 38 6 139.7 φ29-φ15 φ112
S FACE-0 32
S FACE-0 20
8 1/2J L FACE-1 0 5 139.7 φ29-φ15 φ108.8
LL FACE-2 -22
S FACE-1 19 6 139.7 φ29-φ15 φ112
L FACE-1 0
LL FACE-2 -20
9J L FACE-0 19 6 139.7 φ29-φ15 φ112
L FACE-2 0
LL FACE-2 -20
    • ・5H-139.7 size can fit OEM Jimny center cap (rear only).
    • ・Jimny size cannot be fitted with the optional center cap.


Mold forging method

The design mold forging technique creates and forges into the ideal shape. This forging method provides the strength and rigidity to the wheel as originally designed by creating the fiber flow seamless throughout the wheel.

Lightweight brings advantages

The weight of chassis include wheels effects to running performance like: fuel efficiency, comfort, handling, tire rolling, and braking.
SUV’s and VAN’s like Hiace often use heavy tires.
That’s why the “lightweight” merit of a forged wheel is utilized and customers can enjoy off road style without sacrifice.

Size lineup

This model prepares size varieties for normal fenders and minus offset for a variety of size applications. Its variety of rim type and face design brings suitable shapes for each vehicle and effect to reduce weight.

Bronze Almite finish

Paint coloring is one of the causes of adding weights.
This wheel adopts a bronze almite finish to prevent unnecessary weight gains. (for bronze color only)

Optional Center Cap

  1. 57JX (6H) Center Cap
    ※Hub Clearance 30mm(BORE φ112 only)
  2. RAYS LPS Center Cap(Chrome)
    ※Hub Clearance 44mm(BORE φ112 only)
  3. RAYS LPS Center Cap(Black)
    ※Hub Clearance 44mm(BORE φ112 only)
  4. RAYS LPS Center Cap(Bronze)
    ※Hub Clearance 44mm(BORE φ112 only)


  1. Color:Black chrome、chrome
    Hub clearance:37.5mm ※6H-P.C.D.139.7 only

FACE Design 18inch