Press-Release, December 2022

Beyond Design—a new challenge for the HOMURA series to go even further. HOMURA, renowned for its ubiquitous high-quality cross-spoke wheels, introduces a new proposal to the BD Series with the 2x9BD. This new, sturdy design is based on a 9-point mesh, with the openings in the spokes adding a sense of lightness and dynamism that takes the 2x9BD to the next level. Furthermore, harmonization of the HOMURA ”Circumferential View” design theme with a traditional mesh design has allowed the beautiful dimensionality of the 2x9BD to shine. Authentic yet innovative, the 2x9BD is HOMURA’s response to the ever-increasing speed of car design evolution.


Colors are available in Glossy Black/Rim DC (BAK) and Grace Gold/Rim DC (XAK). Center cap and air valve is included. This Made in House, Made in Japan, Cast One Piece Mono block