Press Release: GRAM LIGHTS 57DR-X2 Debut!

57DR is the popular model in the drift scene, and the 57DR-X was developed for vehicles which runs larger P.C.D. This 57DR-X2 is developed to be suitable for the trends of SUVs which often install off-road tires. The base is 57DR-X and has taken refinements on form and details. It contributes to be able to beat the large body mass. Also, a knurling process has been applied on the bead seat to prevent the slipping of tires and loss of balance with low air pressure. Adding to this, the center cap is included for the first time in the R-series, allowing a perfect match. Dark Bronze and Matte Graphite are the general color variations. These colors enhance the edgy finish even more, which is different from the Semigloss Black set to 57DR. The 57DR-X2 suitable for SUVs like TOYOTA RAV4 and MITSUBISHI DELICA D:5 is based on the RAYS traditional 6 spoke design to represent the taste of sports and off-road even more.