Limited Release: GRAM LIGHTS 57DR Luminous Revival – 2021 Limited Production!

The luminous color ofgramLIGHTSgained much popularity with those striking impact at the drifting scenes like D1GP. This time, the colors are back in limited quantity and sizes. Luminous Pink and Luminous Yellow are employed with 18inch 10.5J size which is newly added. Also, the17inch 9J size, which is decreasing in the market, is also standard on the line-up of this model, and suitable for those recent drifting scenes. Colors are: Luminous Yellow (KY) and Luminous Pink (KP). Air valve is included. Center caps are available to purchase separately. Limited production only.

Luminous colors are susceptible to degradation by ultraviolet light. Depending on storage conditions (after install/display) fading and/or discoloring may be occur from exposure. Please be aware that RAYS cannot be held responsible for the fading or discoloration of luminous coatings.

This Made in House, Made in Japan, Cast One Piece Mono block starts delivery from Spring/Summer, 2021.