GRAM LIGHTS 57CR-X2 Size Addition

The 57CR-X2 is an update of the 57CR-X, which is a model remade for the Hiace. It’s based on the phenomenally popular gramLIGHTS 57CR. The new model features the Speed Brick Rim type 2 with a slit and diamond cutting on the outer rim. This adds a 4WD flavor to the simple and clean 57CR-X design to suit the “lift-up” trend. The color is semigloss black. We apply a matte clear finish to the diamond-cut part to curb the shine and emphasize masculinity. We have also added a new size to fit the Jimny and Jimny Sierra for the first time. The 57CR-X2 is a sporty 4WD wheel that combines the model’s authentic 5-spoke design and the tough Speed Brick Rim type 2.