Press-Release, January 2023

The unprecedentedly elegant HOMURA 2x7FT is the result of a renewed pursuit large and elongated wheel design. The 2x7FT was developed as a new approach to SUVs’ larger tire diameters and the ever-increasingly size of luxury vehicles. The 2x7FT adopted a glossy surface finish to convey its elegant appearance, but the new Semigloss Black color’s frost-like matte finish adds a ferocity to the elegance of the 2x7FT. Incorporating a flat-tapered cross-section to retain its sense of scale, the carefully selected color brings a new character to the 2x7FT SPORT EDITION. An exquisite collaboration of elegant foundation and stimulating finish.

Color is available in Semigloss Black/RAP (Red Clear) (B7J). Center cap and air valve is included. This Made in House, Made in Japan, Cast One Piece Mono block starts delivery from Spring, 2023.